Avantika [danser/performer], till april 2022

Avantika, guest-artist 2021-2022

“My work and expression center on movement and the physical language of the body. Movement is what I do and is what I know best, however, only recently when I ventured out to create my independent projects I found myself using movement as one of the tools and not the only exclusive tool for creating a performance. I found myself discovering installations and exhibitions as more holistic, multidisciplinary, and immersive. A dance creator is not tied by the rules of dance to create a body of work. I grew aware of my natural inclination, which provides me with an array of perspectives and information, taking the viewers on an active journey and thus breaking the passive viewing of the fourth wall between a stage and the spectator. This resonates deeply with me, as I believe that the future of art is more about the experience it provides.”

Check out her work: