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SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27th | 14:00 – 20:00

In conjunction with the exhibition “Sketches of Unfurling Fists” at Plantage Dok, featuring the art of Jason Swinehammer and Gus Moystad, we’re organising an afternoon of intimate stories and poetry, and rounding off with a show!

Discover and explore your own vulnerable masculinity with some tea and cake, while listening to some of Amsterdam’s best storytellers in an artistic environment! Really, we just want to bring some beautiful souls together to share in togetherness ♥︎

You’re welcome from 14:00 to get a drink, and a tarot reading by none other than the illustrious artist extraordinaire himself, Jason Swinehammer! 

At 15:00 we’ll start us off with stories and poems by:

☞ Gus Moystad (Host)
☞ Phillip Melchers, Canadian Knuffelbeer (Story)
☞ Alex D. Bagget, Thespian of the Far West (Story)
☞ Araweelo’s Daughter, Fey Power Poet of 033 (Spoken Word)

After this portion of the afternoon, a small break to rest our hearts and wet our lips, before the show is wrapped up with a dragshow by our headliner: 


♞ The Angsty Indieboy himself, Sir Valentijn the Sexy ♞


Towards 18:00 we will be rounding off, with the opportunity to stay and enjoy the art, the drinks, and the food.  

Vegan food by Chef Lipsicus (Vegan Assassins) € 10,-  / Cakes € 3,-