The Plantage Doklaan is a building located in the centre of Amsterdam that has served many functions in its life, it has been a church, a printing business and a school. In 1998 the building was squatted by a group of 10 people who themselves had much experience with squatting and collective living in Amsterdam. In 2000 the group bought and renovated the building with government assistance thus securing it’ future. The Plantage Dok is very much a collective project. It is a building that is run by the people who live and work there along lines of co operation and equality. Everybody involved is required to share responsibility and is encouraged to take their own initiatives. These days some 30 people live and work in the building. They are involved in many fields of activity. There are architects, actors, political activists, crafts people, designers and many more.
Part of the buildings facilities are a large hall and a smaller cafe space. The hall, that was once part of a church, is mainly by outside organizations for cultural activities. The cafe space can be used for exhibitions and performances etc. Currently the regular events that take place there are a political discussion evening and a cafe evening with performances and shows etc.