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The Plantage Dok is very much a collective project. It is a building that is run by the people who work there along lines of cooperation and equality, and originated in 1998 with a group of artists and activists. These days some 30 people are present in the building. There are architects, visual artists, actors, political activists, crafts people, musicians and designers.


Jochem van Tol

Jochem van Tol is an interdisciplinary artist who works across the fields of visual art, performance and music,  addressing sound in the broadest sense.

All Included

All Included is een initiatief dat strijdt voor vrijheid van mobiliteit en recht op verblijf voor migranten.

Maia Matches

Maia Matches is striptekenaar, letteraar, riso drukker.

Meduse MagiQ

Meduse MagiQ is a music label based in Amsterdam. It is a community for musicians by musicians.

Eva Schippers

a.k.a. She-Man

Olivier Delebecque

Olivier Delebecque is a visual artist, a sailor and a documentary filmmaker based in Amsterdam. His recent works are engaged with the issues of contemporary migration policies.

Questions Collective

Questions Collective is an interdisciplinary collaboration between 4 artists (f). As a collective they make performative installations around social topics.

Bart Strijbos

Vormgever en theatermaker.


ASEED Europe (Action for Solidarity Equality Environment & Diversity) wil de structurele oorzaken van milieuproblemen en sociale onrechtvaardigheid aanpakken.

Larva Peruzzotti

Larva works with his own company TURBIO, as a sound technician and musician. Sound recording on location.

Jutta Hinterleitner

Stedelijk onderzoek & ruimtelijk ontwerp.

Julie Mollenhauer

Contemporary Jewelry

Lino Hellings

Founder of PAPA. PAPA (participating artists’ press agency) is nomadic, it doesn’t have a fixed office but works from temporary offices in cities all over the world.

Linda Coenen

Buikdanseres Hanan bij de Buikdanslijn. Assistent bedrijfsleider bij Odin biologische voedselcoöperatie.

Taste Before You Waste

Taste Before You Waste is an initiative focused on the prevention of food waste.

Pablo Dias

pablo dias is visual designer and artist, working with moving images, new media, and computer programming.

Annelinde de Jong

Visual artist working with paper.