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The PlantageDok Artist Residency is an exciting opportunity to be part of an artist-led community in the city of Amsterdam, providing time and space to work, experiment, develop and present your practice. Offering a bedroom and an opportunity to use a shared kitchen and bathroom as well as a working studio. The program is open to visual and performance artists, designers, researchers and writers for a period between 2-6 months. Situated in a historical building with an eco roof terrace in the center of the city, which houses a community of artists, the artist in residence is offered time, resources and connections. The building operates two public spaces with changing events: the Dok Café and the Dok Zaal. The complex is located in the historical east of Amsterdam, near the Artis Zoo, near public transport and many shops and restaurants around the corner.

Residency information

Supplied by air:

  • a working studio
  • a bedroom
  • fully equipped shared kitchen, bathroom & washing-machine (please note all spaces are no smoking spaces)
  • being part of a community with many workshops, multidisciplinary artists and connections to different scenes in Amsterdam 
  • the artist is asked to host an introduction and/or an exhibition/event in our zaal or cafe at the end of the residency
  • 24/7 access to the studio

Paid by the Artist in Residence:

  • rent €688  a month for the studio, bed room, bathroom & washing machine, fully equipped shared kitchen, (please note this is a non-smoking space). This includes all utilities (incl. electricity, heating, water, & Wi-Fi)
  • €400 as a deposit
  • travel expenses
  • living expenses
  • material costs
  • visa and health insurance, other insurances

Note: The Artist in Residence is responsible for the proper use of AiR’s physical space and furniture, as well as the rational use of electricity, water and heating services. The lack of responsibility in the use of the services can lead to extra rates for the resident.

The results of the residency should be documented in some way and details to be discussed. 

Applications are open for residencies starting from July 2024.
We are also there to asnwer any additional questions you may have!

More info here >> TransArtists 


current resident:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is JulijaSkudutyte_Sailor-trash_150x95_2022mazas-659x1024.jpg

Julija Skudutyte

  A short text about my work:

 I’m Julija Skudutytė, an artist from Vilnius, Lithuania. I work mostly with watercolor medium. In my works I delve into the interplay between humans and everyday objects, exploring the significance we attach to items, from an expression of identity to nostalgia. I search for the paradoxes where worthlessness and usefulness intertwine and spirituality and consumerism meet. My exploration extends beyond mere objects, it delves into my own identity as well, exploring my materiality and usefulness. This leads to artworks depicting trash as beings and portraying humans as mere objects. If you’re interested in seeing my work, you can visit my Instagram @colorforwater or my webpage

previous residents:

  • “Not a Real Girl. But Still a Girl” by Petra Banke (AiR)

  • Breath of Gaze: Exhibition by Hector Chan

  • Artist-in-Resident: Sergio Femar

  • Guest Artist Alina Tang – 2019 – interview


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