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On 20th August 2023 at 16-18 hrs is the opening of exhibition concluding working period of our Artist in Residence, Hector Chan.

“Breath of Gaze”

Do you often gaze at something? Do you enjoy such deep breath of the eyes? Perhaps urban life is too rapid for it, but gaze could be triggered by certain venues and rituals, and it used to be.

In traditional churches, believers gaze at paintings, relief and sculpture figuring the religious world, allocating position of life during seeking the paradise. And in the museum, as the contemporary church of goods, knowledge and cultures, people also gaze, walking slowly, wandering and wondering, their eyes and gestures seem murmuring about something.

Gaze unlocks the eyes, revealing the soul behind the windows. Through the eyes and gesture of gazer, we seem to peep at the core of oyster from the gap of shell.

“Breath of Gaze” is an exhibition showing Hector Chan’s exploration during artist-in-residence in Plantage Dok. Staying in Amsterdam with many museums, Chan depicted the gazers in different museums, trying to represent the moment of gaze and the murmur behind it.

Dokzaal of Plantage Dok
8 Plantage Doklaan, 1018 CM, Amsterdam
Opening: 20 Aug 2023 4pm – 6pm

Exhibition period:
(By appointment only)
20 Aug – 24 Aug 2023
10am – 6pm