Residency period: 1 August – 31 October 2021 / Country of origin: Spain

In his own words…

My work seeks discarded supports that obtain a new value in the circular economy of a society that also seeks its equilibrium point and that is where I see the autonomy of art: as a differential feature of the subjugation of the image to consumption.

My artistic project is based on deepening into the European pictorial tradition in search of its renewal and adaptation to the time that I am living. I am looking for a painting that is able to express itself by expressing the world, without renouncing any of the commitments that my generation establishes with its surroundings, manifesting them in the emotional and cognitive terms that have informed the best European painting of recent years. A painting that continues to provide its expressive alternative to the multimedia omnipresence of artistic expression.

This is why I decided to go to Amsterdam and Plantage Dok. I wanted to get first-hand contact with the Dutch painting tradition and at the same time get the most of a city which cares about the environment. These are my two pillars of creation.