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Nseabasi was onze vorige gastkunstenaar. om 17 uur.

kom ook onze gastkunstenaar Agat ontmoeten, hij blijft tot eind juli.

‘A Visual Diary’ by Nseabasi Akpan. 

The Nigeria photographer, Nseabasi Akpan, has documented the lives of many individuals during his travels through Africa where he facilitated photography workshops and motivational talks for young people. 

Nseabasi goes beyond taking photos; he builds connections with his subjects, learns about their lives, and shares their stories. Through his photography, he aims to educate, entertain, and highlight social injustices, giving a voice to those who might otherwise go unheard. 

From the vibrant streets of Ibadan to the picturesque canals of Amsterdam, join Nseabasi Akpan on this visual storytelling as he brings a piece of Ibadan to Amsterdam, sharing stories of life, love, art and everything in between. 

Nseabasi Akpan lives and works in Ibadan, Nigeria.