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Meeting with Aboubakari Razakou, Togolese Association of Deportees (ATE)

About the situation of deportees, people who were returned by force and “candidates of migration” according to the example of Sokodé/Togo

Monday 08th of April: at 7.30pm

Price: free.

Dokzaal: Plantage Doklaan 8, 1018 CM Amsterdam

organizers: Afrique-Europe Interact + All Included

more info:

Aboubakari Razakou, coordinator of the Togolese Association of Deportees (ATE), is coming for a tour through Germany, the Netherlands and Austria from 5th till 16th of April, following an invitation by the daily journal TAZ and the network Afrique-Europe Interact.

The Togolese Association of Deportees (ATE) was founded in Sokodé, the second-biggest city in Togo, in 2008 by people who had been deported back to Togo from various countries, among others from Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The work of ATE consists of practical support and mutual aid for people who find themselves in precarious living conditions after having been deported, as well as of creating awareness within the society for issues all around migration and the rights of migrants and refugees.

Since the last few years, ATE, which was founded as a self-organisation, has been dealing more and more with the situation of young people who are fleeing from Togo or who are heading for migration.

ATE contributes to showing a realistic image of the manifold and perilous risks along the migration routes to those who want to leave or who simply have to.

Moreover, like many African civil society movements, ATE speaks up against human rights violations and acts of murder along the flight- and migration routes – and against a border regime imposed by European states that lets people die in the desert and in the Mediterranean Sea and pays money to libyan militia and to certain African governments for stopping people from Africa at any cost from approaching Europe.

At his tour, Aboubakari Razakou is going to tell about the work of ATE in Togo and about the specific situation in his home town Sokodé. Besides this, he’s going to present the project Alarme Phone Sahara – a practical initiative by African and European civil society organisations against the perilous and sometimes deadly conditions along the flight- and migration routes through the Sahel- and Sahara countries.


Saturday 6th of April: TAZ Lab in Berlin
Sunday 07th of April: Dortmund (Black Pigeon, Scharnhorststr. 50, 44147 Dortmund) – organizers: Afrique-Europe Interact + Urgence Togo
Monday 08th of April: Amsterdam / Netherlands (7.30pm at Dokzaal, Plantage Doklaan 8, 1018 CM Amsterdam) – organizers: Afrique-Europe Interact + All Included
Tuesday 09th of April: Hamburg
Thursday 11th of April: Nuremberg (Social Centre DESI, Brückenstraße 23) – 0rganizers: Caravan Nuremberg, Bavarian Refugee Council, Freie Flüchtlingsstadt Nürnberg
Friday 12th of April: Munich (Bellevue di Monacco, Müllerstraße 2-6, 80469 Munich) – organizers: Watch the Med – Alarmphone
Sat. 13th of April: Tübingen (“Begegnungsstätte Hirsch”, Hirschgasse 9, 72070 Tübingen) – organizers: Asylzentrum e.V. together with the Spokes Person for Integration for the city of Tübingen and the Working Group on Gambia (Refugee Aids in the District of Tübingen)
Sunday 14th of April: Vienna – Interact Organizers: Afrique-Europe Interact
Tuesday 16th of April: Berlin – book presentation with Christian Jakob “Dictators as bouncers of Europe”