An event where music, performance and (video)art made you hear, feel and see the Moon.

Photos here:

– Moonsound –
Molly Nilsson (Moon)
Charming astronaut / 80’s synth magic / Dark Poplight

The World of Dust (Moon)
Researcher of the Universe / Performance of Space Sounds

Hilke Ros (Moon)
Memories of Meteor Showers

Bird on the Wire (Moon)
Let our hands meet on the Moon

Bed (Moon)
Music for Sleeping Stars

The Wolf that ate the moon left behind a World of Sound

Tunes from Planet JuJu

– Moonart –

Amos Mulder (Moon)
Spaceman of the Unforeseen Dream Landscape

Jacco Olivier (Moon)
Painter of the Universe

Hugo Rocci (Moon)
Moonartist with Golden Line

Jaap Bontekoe (Moon)
Designer of the Spaceship that captures Falling Stars

Pretvormer (Moon)
There are more creatures living on the Moon than only Aliens

Tom Lore de Jong (Moon)
Shows us the distance to the moon

Discover the Moon
Leave the Earth for one night
Come to MAAN.

Moonmerci to the AFK.


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