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What do you see when you watch a movie screen? Do you allow yourself enough time to discover all the little details, all the possible layers of the images? What if these layers were physically present? What if the screen was alive?

The Circle Of is waiting for you to complete it. Join us for an event of focused meditation where live ambient music, video and textile artwork meet to create slow art.

Event #1: 13th May, 19.00

Event #2: 14th May, 17.00

The events are approx. 1h long.

Note: wear something comfortable.

We’ll be waiting for you with space, grounding and some refreshments.

Entry: €10
For kids under 14: €5
Family (2 adults and kids under 14): €22

(No Pin)

Only a limited number of spots are available. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance – contact us in PM if you’d like to buy yours in advance.

Video, concept: Eszter Horvath, Zsolt Sárközi
Textile artwork: Caroline Lindo
Live music: Hartyáni Gábor

The Circle of is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).