The Impro Pulpe Butoh work aim at focusing mostly on the skin and the skeleton as a deep ground of creativity. This proprioperceptiv approach provide a sensitive tool for any body mover, either beginners or advanced whatever their background (Visual artist, dancer, performer, singer, musician, pupetter, actor, etc.)



from 10 AM to 1 PM : Physical tuning based on a mix of Do-In, Pilates, Yoga and Taï-Chi, Body Weather, Jinen Butoh & Life Art Process so called ImproPulpe Butoh method.

One hour pause.

from 2 to 6 PM : Guided improvisation and exploration of contextual echo individually and collectively.

Location : Dokzaal, at Dokhuis Gallery.

Cost : 90 e. (early birds till 27 of february : 75 e.)

Registration : through mail entitled ILBD you’ll receive bank account details as a reply.

Contacte :


Adrien Gaumé, choregrapher and performer from The MnemoZyn fields Company (aka La Clique des BAtifuls) follows his own transmission cycle of Improvisation Live Art Performance around Europe since three years. He’s actually about to produce a choregraphical piece about Hospitality with seven dancers from different european country.

Adrien Gaumé has a nomadic way of life; he learns beside nine differents Butoh master based in Europe (Yuko Kaseki, Juju Alishina, Goyhei Zaitsu, Atsushi Takenoushi, Yumiko Yoshioka, Cécile Loyer, Lorna Lawrie, Stéphane Cheynis & Miranda Markgraf).

He created some solos and collectiv choregraphical forms for plasticians (Brigitte Roffidal, Ludivine Beaulieu, Rita Baga, Rasili Botz, Zazü, Valérie David, Amy Alexander), videasts (Antonio Menschen, Emmelie Martens, Les Hesperiens, Yoni Corpus, Stefan Voglsinger), cabarets (Avignon, Hambourg), perf-mobs in urban space (Tours, Paris, Dolcedo, Berlin).

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